Evallens Tan Quinci     2014 -
    sire: Dragonheart Hope For Future    dam: Evallens Blac&Tan Yasmin

    Masters dog
    Goal for 2017 is to start in obedience level 1 and trial level 1





    Cukid' s Kindra     2012 -
    sire: Midimys Mirakel    dam: Cukid' s Gasell

    Mistress dog.
    Goal for 2017 is to start in trial level 3





    Approved Herdingdog Evallens Black Peggy Sue     2006 -
    sire: Linhoppet´s Nero    dam: Ringbarka So Im Magic

    Masters dog
    Peggy Sue trains herding and is a clever herdingdog.







   Attigårdens Quinci     1976 - 1988

    We started our "doglife" together with Quinci







    IntShowCh, Korad, SeShowchamp, NoShowchamp Lantgårdens Rally     1981 - 1991
    sire: Kangaroo Action     dam: Gendogs Akleja

    Rally was the first competitiondog for master,




    SeShowchamp, Korad, Se workchamp. Aussie Actions Chocolate Cutie     1989 - 2003
    sire: Noongah Black Attack     dam: Yttergårdens Red Oongies Lassie

    Cutie and master became champion i search.
    She also gave us more knowledge about the Australian Kelpie.
    She became mother to our first litter.







    Korad, SeShowchamp Cukid' s Apollo     1992 - 2001
    sire: Nemårs Domino     dam: Aussie Actions Chocolate Cutie

    Apollo was the first competitiondog for mistress.



    SeShowchamp Cukid' s Brisbane     1994 - 2007
    sire: Nemårs X.O.     dam: Aussie Actions Chocolate Cutie

    With Brisbane speed came in. Very clever in trialworking.
    Lived the last year with our son in Sundsvall








    Cukid' s Crux     1998 - 2009
    sire: Benapis Biqwick     dam: Cukid' s Brisbane

    Crux is a very clever dog. Clever in search and trial.
    He will never give up, will really do what master asks for.
    We got too many dogs at home so he moved to Ånge
    where he trains with his new "mistress" Mari


      SEUCh Cukid' s Innamincka     2008 - 2014
     efter: Nellarou Modem    undan: Cukid' s Gasell

     Inna was masters competing dog and was promoted to the elite track and had a
     first prize in obedience class 1.
     The thoughts were to continue competing tracking and obedience, but unfortunately Inna
     had burdening and stenosis of the lumbar spine caused by an extra vertebra.
     The prognosis was poor, she would be worse and not be able to live a normal kelpielife.
     Therefore, she was put to sleep on May 13 2014
     We remember Inna as an alert, happy and very eager to work




  SeShowchamp, Approved Herdingdog Cukid' s Fogerty     2004 - 2016
    sire: Jejmic' s Raymond    dam: Cukid' s Cassie

    Master and Fogerty is herding and is training obedience.
    He is approved trialdog level 3 and approved searchdog level 2


    LP1 LP2 SeShowchamp Cukid' s Elfin     2002 -
    sire: Trukelp Nugget     dam: Cukid' s Cassie

    Elfin is a new experience to train. She is not so gentle but still easy to
    work with and she loves to teach herself new things to do.
    2006 she became Swedish Showchampion.