born 980103 
sire: Tjh Bev Benapis Biqwick
dam: SUCh Cukid's Brisbane


Inbreeding 2,8%

  Mental Hips
Show Obedience Work Agility Extra
Crux MH UA   Passed Level 2 Certpoints Track
3 cert Serch
  Dead oct -09
Candle MH
UA 2 Open Class Passed Level1 Track passed level 1   Servicedog Tracking
4 litters at Benapis Kennel
Dead sept -09
Carol "Dyrka" MH UA 2 Open Class Swedish
Track Level 4
Dead sept -06
Cassie MH UA 1 junkl CK/HP
1 vetk CK/HP
2 price Level2 Track passed level 1   Mother to our
D-, E- and F-litters
Dead  sept -07
Crazy "Frida" MH UA 1 Ukl HP Passed Level3 Track passed level 2
Report passed level 1
  Dead  aug -08